Calculate Simple Moving Average Using Google Historical Data and Sheets

''Various SMA Calculated in Excel

Earlier we told you how to pull historical data in Google spreadsheet (see — HOW TO PULL HISTORICAL STOCK DATA FROM USING GOOGLE SPREADSHEET ) Once you have Historical data available in Google spreadsheet we can calculate values of various technical indicators of our interest using the same. The method […]

How to Pull Historical Stock Data from using Google Spreadsheet


Do you want to build your own indicators or your own strategies in stock market for buying or selling a stock based on historical data? Or you simply want to see what was the price of a particular stock 2 months back and 3 months back? Finding historical data for […]

Track and Manage Your Portfolio Anywhere Using Google Spreadsheet

''Google Spreadsheet Portfolio Tracking for NSE/BSE Stocks

Many of us must be using Google drive as online repository or backup space for storing our files and sharing them with friends and relative. But very few of us know the fact that Google drive is not just a repository but a cloud based application which can do wonders […]